Saturday, May 18, 2024

Olmapitet Manhae Secondary School

This school, located in the heart of Maasai land, is one of the most promising schools in the area. It towers high against odds such as the lack of appreciation for girls’ education and Moranism - a culture that lures young Maasai men to drop from learning institutions to become young warriors (morans). Having started eighteen months ago, with the aid of South Korean donors, this school has a total of 132 students, 39 girls and 93 boys. The infrastructural resources in the school proved to be stretched, with only one science lab, two boys’ dorms, one girls’ dorm and one teachers’ residence block made of iron sheets. One 100m deep shallow well is the only water point from which the school and the surrounding community members draw their water, despite being fairly salty. Since the school is located along a major wildlife corridor, it lives in constant fear of invasion from wild animals such as elephants and possible attacks, having no fence around the 40 acre school grounds. Amongst all these challenges, the school still wishes to create positive change in the community through engaging in activities such as afforestation and education advocacy, in which Matonyok actively supports.

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