Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Community Groups

  • Namelok Osoit Laramatak Self Help Group +

    ​Located just 10 Kilometres from Amboseli National Park lives a community that has for a while now enjoyed the sweet Read More
  • Elerai Youth Football Club +

    Registering in 2011 and consisting of 20 members, Elerai Youth Football Club is taking on the front row in the Read More
  • Olopololi lo Mayianat +

    The group was established in 2013 as a women’s group and now has 15 members. It started as a “merry-go-round” Read More
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Society Building

  • Peer Education. +

    We all at some point had someone that we looked up to while growing up. Probably a role model, a Read More
  • Debates Curriculum. +

    Matonyok organization has been working in partnership with VSO volunteers in facilitating debates in some primary and secondary schools in Read More
  • Menstrual Cup. +

    Matonyok organization has been working together with VSO in identifying schools in Loitoktok sub county to benefit from the menstrual Read More
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About Matonyok

Who We Are

Who we are

Matonyok Organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable agroforestry practices to enhance environmental conservation and empower local communities.

We believe in harnessing the power of agroforestry to create

Read More

Vision Mission and Values.

To become a champions in promoting agroforestry practices and sustainable land-use management. We aspire to work in harmony with nature, using innovative approaches to mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity,

Read More

Our Team

Matonyok Organization has strong and competitive team with a strong unity that helps them in reach the unreachable. The team is well prepared with all knowledge to impacted communities all

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  • Mkinga Mangrove Project +

  • Kikelelwa agroforestry project +

    The Kikelelwa Agro forestry project is one of the projects which has been implemented by Matonyok Organization in partnership with Read More
  • Siha agroforestry project +

    Matonyok Organization in SIHA is dealing with the conservation of environment through agroforestry activities like; (planting of fruits tees eg. Read More
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