Saturday, May 18, 2024

Kaliet Friends Group ​

Kaliet group initially formed as a group of friends, all of whom wished to better themselves financially. The meaning of Kaliet is peace. They created the women's group in 2014 with a "merry-go-round" banking system in which each member contributed ksh1500 each month. The group currently has 12 members and invests their contributions into chicken rearing. Each member started with one chicken which was then sold and bought 'layer' chickens for their eggs. They now have 230 chickens and plan to expand further. The group also hope to operate an outdoor catering facility for large events such as weddings and have begun purchasing large sufuria and thermos flasks. With the group savings, Kaliet's plans to buying tents and seeds to improve their farm.

​The group has highlighted some challenges which Matonyok hopes to support:
​- Inadequate space for livestock keeping and lack of a permanent site to operate the groups projects
​- Renovation of the chicken shed to a larger, more practical enclosure
​- Funding to invest in pig farming to increase income for members

The group's future vision is to buy land in the next few years so that they can have a permanent area to operate their projects, have on office for catering purposes, increase the number of chickens in order to supply hotels and lodges within Amboseli and Kilimanjaro and also invest on either dairy farming or pig rearing.

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