Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Debates Curriculum

Debates CurriculumMatonyok organization has been working in partnership with VSO volunteers in facilitating debates in some primary and secondary schools in Kimana, Loitokitok and Namelok. The primary schools benefited from this program were Olorika, Namelok, Langata Engima and Kimana.

The secondary schools benefited from this program were, Olmapitet,Olorika, Kuku, Enkii, Olchorro, Entonet and Namelok.

The VSO volunteers have been playing roles of judging, guiding the students on how to do it and also taking part in the debates as elements to create confidence in some students who were doing it for the first time.

Matonyok organization is planning for debate competition between schools for a big prize.The schools have been participating actively in this program and appreciated the idea.

The most important aim of debates in schools is to make the students improve their public speaking by creating confidence in them and also to make them think outside the box.Most of the topics on debates were about environment, drug abuse, election, inclusion and diversity and development.
The goal of Matonyok organization is to reach all schools in Kajiado South as part of having a transformed society and empowered youth.

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