Saturday, May 18, 2024

Frajasa School

Frajasa school was constructed in 2014 and officially opened in 2016. The school currently has around 30 children aged between 3-5 years, many of whom walk long distances to reach to the school. The school employs one teacher, who manages to teach three classes in one classroom. The principle had visions of the school becoming a boarding school; however with the financial constraints this school faces, there are currently four unfinished buildings.

The school faces several challenges including:
The need for more teachers and resources
Parents lacking in understanding of importance of education – children often arrive to class late
Lack of any running water in the school – water is collected from a river around 1km away
Lack of fencing causing danger from livestock and road traffic
Inconsistent payment of school fees since most parents cannot raise the ksh500 a month required

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