Entonet ilmejooli welfare association

img 2106The women’s group of Ilmejooli began with a small table banking structure to support its members. Initially each group member contributed ksh50, gradually increasing to ksh70 and this year reaching ksh100. This enabled the group to invest in an acre of farmland. After cultivating and selling the produce they have been able to expand to two acres, the proceeds of which go toward sponsoring their children’s school fees.

The group realises the value of the land and hopes to increase their farmland as well as diversifying into goat and chicken rearing and establishing a vegetable garden.
The women highlighted several key challenges impacting their community/group:
-Water scarcity in the region prevents a reliable source of water for both domestic and commercial use. They are hoping for water storage facilities, funding for the water supplier and innovative irrigation methods to overcome this.
-The requirement of funding for an adult education teacher, as only some members are literate and have qualifications.
- They wish to establish their own vegetable garden with an official plan and seasonal rotation of crops, as currently they are reliant on sourcing their greens from Tanzania.
- They require ready markets to promote and sell their beadwork resulting in an additional source of income
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