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 IMG 20181219 072059Matonyok is a Maasai word that translates to 'Let's try'. This combined with our value of 'walking the right path continues to inspire our mission and vision of serving communities spread out across the country to ensure equitable access to quality political, social, and economic resources. Matonyok is cognizant of the marginalized status of communities and invests in activities that reflect our passion for advocating for social justice and equity. Since its establishment and registration in 2011, we have consistently utilized education and advocacy as our crucial development approach to serving the communities.

Our objectives are inherently geared towards achieving sustainable development while keeping the integrity and the culture of the groups we work with intact. currently, we are running an agro-forestry project in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro region being the first to begin accepting the Matonyok Organization project 

  Our headquarters are in Kimana town in Kajiado south, here is the map 



communities in the region have access to quality social, economic and political resources

To promote a sustainable approach to holistic development in communities in the region through advocacy and education.​

Core ​​Values
Walking the right path


Our Programs

Matonyok’s vision places education at the zenith of our objectives and projects. Matonyok works with various groups and individuals in the pastoralists’ communities to propagate development in political, economic and social aspects of life. From delivering civic education to the public to promoting best agricultural and livestock rearing practices, Matonyok is continuously drawing attention to its priority of ensuring members of pastoralists’ communities have access to quality and wholesome education. Matonyok continues to promote adult literacy in the region by piquing interest of community members and providing resources where possible to enable the same. We also focus on promoting education on best agricultural practices to the pastoralists-turned farmers especially in Loitoktok sub-county. Our engagement in addressing poverty by supporting various groups have seen an increase in school enrollment due to available resources to pay school fees.

Pastoralists’ communities are one of the most marginalized in Kenya and despite efforts by the government to recognize their needs, there still exists forms of social injustices that continue to discriminate these communities from the national development agenda. Matonyok has taken a front row in educating communities on the value of public participation and where possible helped them actively advocate for their rights in either county or national government level. We combine education with advocacy as a sustainable approach to achieving our mission.


Matonyok Organization has a strong and competitive team with a strong unity that helps them to reach the unreachable. The team is well prepared with all knowledge to impact communities all over nations. Matonyok, therefore, has no boundaries as far as helping the needy is concerned. The following is our team;

WithAlais Lenana  a background in History and Geography, Lenana Alais  Momoi is a teacher both at heart and in practice. He has worked in Arid and Semi-Arid Land communities for over 20 years and his understanding of the marginalized status and development inequity of pastoralists' communities cannot be matched. His desire to create change in his community led him to found Matonyok. He is currently the Executive Director and is very key to structuring the Organization's decisions.
TarimoGabriel Selestini Tarimo is the Matonyok organization assistant Director Tarimo is a Tanzanian citizen with a background in Education on Arts and Tailoring. Being a good community mobilizer Tarimo was elected as a village elder in 2014. He attended various training like coffee farming and was awarded. He is passionate about addressing poverty in communities.
KashuFestus Samoine Kashu is a graduate of law and also holds a Diploma in Social work and development. She serves as the Treasurer of Matonyok with responsibilities of handling financial administration matters and advising on the same.


Momoi Paul Losotua Momoi is the Matonyok Organization project coordinator in charge of all projects in Kenya and Tanzania. With academic qualifications in social work and community development, Paul intends to transform and change the lives of people by investing his time and effort in implementing programs directed toward promoting social justice and addressing poverty.
RogathConsesa Rogath Kimario is the Matonyok Organization project manager in the Tanga Mkinga Mangrove project, Kimario is a passionate good community mobilizer and pack with knowledge in agroforestry, she has attended various workshops including national NGOs workshop in Nairobi.
LomunyakJeremiah Lomunyak Momoi with a background Education in Electrical and electronic engineering and basic knowledge in new farming technology is Matonyok organization manager in information communication technology. Jeremiah is a community mobilizer who intended to invest his golden opportunity to transform lives countrywide through new farming technology in agroforestry in order to address poverty in various communities worldwide.


DoreenDoreen Mathew Shayo is the Matonyok Organization agroforestry Project manager at Siha in Tanzania. She holds a bachelor's in science and after her career in teaching high school biology, she is passionate about serving the communities and decided to invest in addressing poverty.



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